Food Swoon

Credit: CBM Photo (www.cbmphoto.com)

I created this website to share recipes and stories about the food I prepare for my family and friends. As a child, my father challenged me to expand my culinary horizons, teasing me that I didn’t have a “cultured palate” to appreciate his gourmet chocolates, which he hid in the china cabinet. (He who once brought home a mystery beverage called “tropical cola” and was often caught squirting chocolate syrup into his diet milkshakes.)

My interest in cooking and entertaining reached new heights when we moved to a magical neighborhood in the South where friendly neighbors bake artisan bread, make pasta from scratch, raise chickens in their side yards, bottle honey wine, and twirl balls of fire during moonlit lawn parties.

By day (and often by night), I work as a contract grantwriter for nonprofit organizations. I reside in Birmingham, Alabama with my husband and three children.

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